Upcoming events

  • 13:00
    22 September 2021
    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    KTH Finance Society would like to invite you to Finance x Consulting Day 2021

    Are you interested in working in finance or consulting, looking for an internship, or just want to obtain knowledge about what working in finance could be like?

    The board of KTH Finance Society is very pleased to finally invite you to this year’s KTH Finance x Consulting Day!

Recent events

  • 12:00
    19 May 2021
    Virtually held

    SEBx is the innovation studio of SEB, designed to explore new technology and build new products. Within a year of writing the first lines of code, SEBx acquired its first set of customers for UNQUO, a new card product for the gig-economy. Daniel Roig, Head of Engineering, will take you behind the scenes of building a cloud-only tech stack using Google Cloud Platform to power live banking products. Alexander Eliasson, Senior Talent Specialist, will give his current and future views on the tech talent landscape and the needs for SEBx based on his experience of over 1000 interviews.

  • 11:30
    24 March 2021
    Virtually held

    Register now for an exciting technical case challenge with SEB! Join Simon Österberg, Chief Quantitative Trader in FX, and Filippa Bång, Quantitative Analyst in FX Trading and Sales for a practical case that will highlight the engineering challenges of hedging FX risk and add real-world features of market dynamics so you will be able to combine theory and practical implications.

  • 11:00
    24 February 2021

    We live in a forever changing landscape, where opportunities can be found everywhere. Innovative ways of exploring the landscape is a necessity to stay relevant for our customers in the future.

    A guiding principle for us is stated by M. Wallenberg: “To move from the old, to what is about to come, is the only tradition worth keeping”. How do we apply this thinking to a 165-year-old bank in 2021?

    We will share our way of working with innovation in SEB.

  • 12:00
    11 December 2020
    Virtually held

    Salla Franzén has a PhD in theoretical mathematics and has been working in finance the last 10 years. She is active in the Wallenberg AI, autonomous systems and software program, WASP, and leads the working group “industry” in a group led by RISE, creating an AI agenda for Sweden.

  • 15:00
    18 November 2020
    Virtually held

    Vad säger en resultaträkning eller balansräkning egentligen om ett aktiepris? Hur vet man riskpremien på en aktie? Och vilka är de vanligaste missuppfattningarna kring företagsvärderingar?

    Lyssna på Alexander när han går igenom allt man behöver veta om aktievärdering!
    Lär dig om fundamental och teknisk analys, kassaflöden, diskonterade kassaflöden och mycket mer.

    Spara uppgifterna nedan och anslut dig till Zoom-mötet när det är dags!