SEBx - the innovation studio of SEB

SEBx is the innovation studio of SEB, designed to explore new technology and build new products. Within a year of writing the first lines of code, SEBx acquired its first set of customers for UNQUO, a new card product for the gig-economy. Daniel Roig, Head of Engineering, will take you behind the scenes of building a cloud-only tech stack using Google Cloud Platform to power live banking products. Alexander Eliasson, Senior Talent Specialist, will give his current and future views on the tech talent landscape and the needs for SEBx based on his experience of over 1000 interviews. This is an opportunity to learn from experts who walk the talk in the trenches of financial technology, and to understand the huge tech possibilities within banking.

Our two speakers
Daniel Roig cut his teeth on writing Assembler on MOS 6510 (C64). He initially wanted to become an astronaut because pushing buttons was one of his pastimes as a toddler, but eventually he realized that becoming an astronaut would be hard. Computers for domestic use were growing rapidly in the 80s, so that seemed like the second-best thing as far as pushing buttons go. Having been working with software development, cryptography, and IT security for over 25 years, he considers himself very fortunate to still be working with his hobby. Daniel started at SEBx as Tech Lead but has since become a manager for backend engineering.

Alexander Eliasson started his career within the field of behavioral science but quickly made the switch to technical recruitment. After learning that Java and JavaScript are NOT the same, in spite of the names, he started to dig into how to attract and charm technical specialists and what really motivates people to switch jobs. After several years as a recruitment consultant he moved to SEB to help build their new recruitment team before landing in SEBx.


Time for event: 
Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00
Virtually held