SEB | Finding technology for the future involves a playful mind with no plans

Nothing is set regarding what technology we'll want in the future and is not always the best technology that survives or is used as it was created. This promotes exploration without purpose which then can spawn crazy, brilliant, and overlooked ideas. Like how deepfakes technology can be used to increase integrity or cloning voices can help the democratization of technology. How is this done at SEB?


William Jonsson is responsible for Emerging Technologies at SEB, where the goal is to find what new technology is needed in the future to stay relevant. William studied Industrial Economy, with data science and finance as orientation, at Linköpings University. He worked as a stockbroker before joining SEB and switched to IT. William has worked in several areas within a bank and seen how IT has gone from being a supportive part to the driving force and this journey is just at its start.​

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Wednesday, 7 October, 2020 - 10:00
Virtually held