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SEB (SSE: SEB-A) is one of Europe’s leading banks. Our success builds on innovative thinking, an international presence and strong, long-term relationships. And has done so for more than 150 years. We focus on companies and private customers with exacting requirements. And we promise them an enriching relationship. SEB changes constantly to adapt to new times, markets and people. SEB makes life easier, in all its phases. We have always strived to make a contribution to society.


AP-fonderna (AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4)

The AP funds' mission is to manage pension capital within the general pension system for today's and tomorrow's pensioners. The general pension consists of income pension and premium pension. Together, the first four AP-funds have over 1.3 trillion SEK in invested capital.

AP1, based in Stockholm, invests in equities, bonds, currencies and alternative investments worldwide.

AP2, which has its main office in Gothenburg, has the right to invest in virtually all available asset classes and has no geographical restrictions.

AP3, based in Stockholm, has, like AP1 and AP2, the opportunity to invest globally and in various asset classes.

AP4, with offices in Stockholm, is the last of the so-called buffer funds.