About us

KTH Finance Society is one of the largest student associations at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. We aim to narrow the gap between engineering students and industry. 

Engineers are today operating in many different industries. Due to the skills of mathematics, programming and analytical thinking, engineers also have important and sometimes critical functions in the financial and consulting sectors. KTH Finance Society's activities therefore revolve around three pillars:

  • To be a link between engineering students at KTH and companies within Finance, Financial Technology and Consulting. Our members get the opportunity to look for companies and potential employers, which at the same time get the opportunity to look into KTH.
  • To give our members information about different career paths. We organize career fairs, lectures and talking evenings with representatives from the above-mentioned industries, as well as with recruiters who talk about different career paths for engineering students.
  • To provide members an opportunity to broaden their knowledge through lectures, seminars and other educational forms. Each year we arrange seminars in diverse areas such as Excel workshops, programming workshops, CV-workshops, case solving and valuation.

KTH Finance Society's long-term vision is to establish KTH Royal Institute of Technology as the most attractive recruiting base for companies within Finance, Financial Technology and Consulting. In order to fulfill this vision, we welcome students and Ph.D.'s from all areas of engineering at KTH with an interest in the above-mentioned sectors.